Robert Fletcher Stanford University Economics PhD Candidate


I am an economics researcher with experience studying business and labor markets both domestically and internationally, in countries from Colombia to Kenya. Currently, I am in the final stages of my Ph.D. in Economics at Stanford University, as part of which I am managing a study of online entrepreneurship and management across the U.S. in partnership with Stripe. I became an economist because of my core belief that economic markets can operate more efficiently and equitably using evidence-backed solutions.

After finishing my Ph.D. next spring, I plan on transitioning fully into the tech industry with a data science and/or research position. I am looking for applied roles where insights directly translate into product improvements or changes. I thrive in roles where I can both generate and implement new ideas.

I believe that the best ideas for effecting change result from collaborations with people representing diverse perspectives. I enjoy hearing from others interested in the same issues, so please reach out at or connect with me on LinkedIn if you want to have a conversation. My past students will testify that I’m always eager to engage in a good discussion.